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Some people like these fremium type adult video chat sites. if you are into that kind of thing, here are a couple to check out. These types of sites generally have have dozens of people watching each cam girl, all trying to get her to get naked or start some type of live masturbation for free or for a few “virtual tokens” - sometimes this works out good, as you could be in a room where you tip a couple of bucks and other tip a few bucks and you all get to watch some live action that would otherwise cost you individually about $100 each - but more times than not you spend lots of time with girls who are trying to convince guys to tip a few bucks, and it is hard to get enough guys to tip enough to get some real hardcore action.

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Sometimes I enjoy the fremium sites as a way to see if there are any hot young girls new on the system, or to see if I can get in at the right time when there are some other tippers in the rooms so we actually get some action. Sometimes that works well, and sometimes just when you think you are going to get some hot action, someone takes the girl to a private one on one room, and you are left looking for other girls who have not been scooped away to the private VIP. It’s kind of like a hit or miss, low pay chat roulette kind of thing, so sometimes I just go and see who is sharing their shit for free via one of the chat roulette totally free cam portals.

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